Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WHO AM I?????

I have an interesting heritage when it comes to the family name. I was told my Great Grandfather was originally Martin August Sallstrom but as the story goes he had to change his name. He was on a ship with the Swedish Navy and there was a higher ranking officer who also had the name Sallstrom so to avoid confusion they made him change his surname, strange how they did things back then. He chose Ljunggren. 

Then how did I end up a Youngren, the story continues...

the story as I have been told is that my Grandmother Palma probably misunderstood how to spell my Grandfather's last name and spelled it phonetically, on all 7 of her children`s birth certificates so that's how I was born a Youngren when really I'm a Ljunggren, well actually Sallstrom, WHO THE HECK AM I REALLY??? 

Being such a follower of Swedish design/decor and to be true to my roots I wanted to honour my heritage and tell our story. Someday I hope to travel to Sweden and learn of all the family intrigues & mysteries.

I have included a few historical family pics, of my Grandpa Birger & his family in Sweden. I collect & love historical pics and ephemera but these old family photos are extra special. Also included a shot of me from almost 20 years ago when I was still young & perky, side by side with my cousin Carl Johan (on the left) visiting from Sweden. Him & a friend rode across Canada on bikes that year. Those crazy athletic Swedes! I unfortunately didn't get those special genes :)
Have a PRETTY day!

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