Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I know my all about Pretty! posts have not been happening very often, (don't like the negative term bad blogger :) so let's just say I`ve been busy in my offline life these last few years, lots of personal things going down. After being on disability for 2 years I was laid off my job of 16 years, you know the typical story these days, a large company bought our technology let go of the people, so much for supporting our economy and workers here?? Anyway I digress... with all of these happenings I've been trying to "always~look~on~the bright side of life" whistling~fufu~fufufufufufu yup that's as good as I can whistle :) singing that Monty Python tune in my head as I type this.

So I decided to jump in and open my own brick & mortar shop in Coaldale and it has been so much work that I haven't had much time to work on my art or blog on all about Pretty! I have been creating lots of decor items for the shop but dream of the day when I'll be creating all day long in the studio both art & my repurposed/restyled creations for the shop. I also hope to be teaching more and more workshops in the evenings & weekends at la TaDa! I will start blogging more when I have new work to share.  

My latest restyled shabby cabinet for the shop using van Gogh Chalk/Furniture Paint Collection line that I carry at la TaDa! (sold)

So I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive, working hard and I look forward to creating again and sharing my art with you as soon as I can.  THANKS SO MUCH! to so many who are encouraging me to get back to studio as well as supporting me personally and my shop.

Have a Pretty! day
Miss Laura

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pink*cherub*moon said...

Congrats on opening your shop! It's true, when one door closes, another opens! I wish you much success in this new venture and am looking forward to more blog posts from you! Hugs, Leena