Monday, 27 September 2010


I would like to thanks everyone who came out for the all about Pretty! sale at my cottage in the country. We truly appreciate fellow Albertans supporting local women entrepreneurs. Your business is greatly appreciated and this is truly from our hearts. We can't compete with "made in China" prices but we hope our products have more value because they are unique finds and one of a kind creations that we have put our heart & soul in to. So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

I'd like to thank Too Charming & Frosted Furniture for joining us in the show this year.

A special thanks to my fellow Vintage Chick - Pam for joining in the show and for all her much needed help. Also a big hug & thank you for my Daddy who is always an amazing help to me.

A few pictures of our lovely day!

Have a Pretty! day


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Karen Taylor said...

Beautiful BLOG! Beautiful!! It makes me smile : )
I am now following your blog. (I hope you will visit my blog too and follow if you like what you see. :)"