Monday, 31 May 2010

Farm Chicks - here I come!!!

Well even though our "Vintage Chicks" show is only a few weeks away and I'm a busy bee I just can't miss the Farm Chicks in Spokane. This year is special because I'm meeting up with the Come Junk With Us gang and my cousin Susan is joining me. Of course I'll be taking lots of pictures and will share my venture with you.

Have a Pretty! day


Lor said...

Thanks for the pretty little picture I purchased yesterday! I added a post to my blog!

Lacey said...

Love the blog! Quick question - you had chairs at the Vintage Chicks Sale - a white framed one with black fabric and a black framed one with white fabric - And a beautiful round jar with lid - just wondering if either are available and the pricing!

Cheyenne said...


Great blog!

I'm in Linden, Alberta area.....north of Calgary. We do come down to southern Alberta quite a bit, my sister married a guy from Coalhurst. We know about Coaldale too, a young guy Mitchell Van Dyke married one of our local girls.

Nope, I wasn't able to make the Vintage Chicks show, but for sure would love to be there next year. If you have another 'impromptu' show sometime in Coaldale, let me know...I'd love to come! Maybe Little Prairie Baby could have a little booth in your yard down there...? :)

Take care!

Steve Finnell said...

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